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Tenant Newsletter Packages

            Retaining a tenant is far more profitable than replacing a tenant, which is why a tenant newsletter can work so well for landlords and property managers.

            Tenant newsletters are a valuable way for property managers to keep in touch with residents. Reinforcing residents’ connection to their community can, in turn, lower the high costs associated with tenant turnover.

            Judy works with landlords and property managers to write tenant newsletters that add value to a resident’s living experience. She offers three packages:

  1. A four-page newsletter, printed on 11- by 17-inch paper, published quarterly: $2,200.
  2. A two-page newsletter, printed on 8 ½- by 11-inch paper, with news, updates, tips and reminders for tenants and residents, published quarterly or bimonthly: $1,200.
  3. A monthly one-page electronic newsletter sent by e-mail: $800.

            Process. For each package, Judy takes care of all required interviewing, writing and editing, as well as writing headlines, subheadings and photo cutlines, and proofreading the newsletter. She will work with a staff member from clients’ offices to co-ordinate the collection and assigning of photos and other information required to assemble the newsletter.

            The fees listed above do not include graphic design or printing.

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