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Model Home Package

            Model homes represent the best a builder has to offer in floorplans, design features, materials, finishes and energy efficiency. Judy crafts stories about model homes that relate those elements to today’s lifestyles and the way in which consumers live in their homes.

            Judy’s Model Home Package includes an 800-word article that builders can use in a variety of ways: on their websites, as a handout at trade shows, in their portfolios, in presentations to potential clients and in advertorials. The aim of the stories is to interest readers in visiting a model home, discuss their needs with the builder’s representative and envision the possibilities in their own new home.

Each story incorporates:

  • An overview of the model home’s special features and finishes, which will make consumers want to tour the home
  • An outline of the benefits of the floorplan (lack of wasted space, open-concept design that allows small living spaces to live large)
  • A walk-through of the home with a brief description of the rooms and architectural features. This information will give potential clients a sense of what they can expect to see when they tour the home
  • Reaching the builder’s target market, which will motivate consumers to contact the builder

            Process. Judy will interview the builder and tour the model home. Homes in London: $1,200 to $1,600. Homes outside London (within Southwestern Ontario): A time/travel allowance will apply.

            Next step? Call Judy for further details. (519) 657-7433