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Lifestyle Package

            Homes today, whether they’re condos, apartments or single-family houses, are as much about lifestyle as they are about the shelter and comfort they provide. Savvy developers and builders understand the importance of lifestyle to consumers when they highlight the features that set their communities apart.

            Judy specializes in conveying the best developments have to offer by telling stories from the viewpoints of the residents who live there. The aim of the stories is to interest readers in visiting a development, discuss their needs with the builder’s representative and envision the possibilities in their own home.

            Judy’s Lifestyle Package helps to attract consumers from within a builder’s target market and well beyond by showcasing stories in print advertising and on websites. Builders/developers will receive a lifestyle story in three formats:

  • as a two-paragraph summary to be used in print advertising
  • as a 750-word feature that can be distributed as a sell sheet at trade shows, in a company newsletter, in their portfolios, in advertorials and used in presentations to potential clients
  • as an abbreviated story for a website or a brochure

            Each story incorporates:

  • an interview with an interesting resident or couple who live in a development, the reasons they chose it and what they’re enjoying most about living there, which will make the community seem even more appealing
  • an overview of the development’s amenities, which will highlight its desirability and unique attributes
  • details about the numbers of designs available in condos, apartments or new homes, as well as the range of square footages and prices
  • comments from the developer or builder about they type of consumer who is attracted to the community, which will help consumers to identify with the builder’s target market

            Process. Judy will interview the residents and builder/developer by telephone, aided by photographs, site designs and floorplans.

            Fees: A lifestyle package (three versions of each story): $1,200 to $1,500.

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