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A couple of years ago, I decided to produce a quarterly newsletter for our residents to keep them connected. I hired Judy Liebner, who had written many articles for the London Property Management Association and whom I had known for many years. I have been very happy with Judy’s work. She is a creative and thoughtful writer, and has really grasped the importance of community. Through Judy’s articles, the Cherryhill Village News has been serving over 2,300 apartments. The building managers who distribute the newsletters often run out and request more. I feel that the value of the newsletter goes beyond the “good feel” value of the community, it is also an important vehicle to communicate events and safety strategies with our residents. Congratulations on a job well done, Judy!

~ Harvey Katz, property manager, Esam Group

I have been working with Judy at Canadian Homes & Cottages since 2001. She has consistently produced accurate, informative and well-written articles. Her work is always submitted on or before deadline and is a pleasure to edit.

~ Steven Chester, managing editor, Canadian Homes & Cottages

I really appreciate Judy’s take on energy efficiency and home building, and her way of presenting the articles. She makes the information clear and concise and easier for the consumer to understand. It helps us to show the value of buying a Doug Tarry home. Judy is a pleasure to work with and always goes above and beyond.

~ Doug Tarry, director of sales and marketing, Doug Tarry Homes

Judy has written and edited the London Property Management Association newsletter for many years. Her expertise, professionalism, insight, and honesty in her writing are most extraordinary. She has given the LPMA newsletter a polish and added so much interest in the articles that it is now for all members a “keeper” and a must-read. We wish Judy all the best for her new website and look forward to our continued mutually beneficial association.

~ Richard Izawa, president, London Property Management Association

Judy has been the editor of Lifestyle Magazine for eight years. She has played a very large part in elevating the status of our publication to a well-respected, high-quality magazine. Judy works with high integrity and exacting standards. She provides the backbone to our magazine through her accurate, objective and stylish features.

~ Lana Breier, owner/publisher, Lifestyle Magazine

As editor of the London Free Press Homes magazine I had the pleasure of working with Judy for 12 years, during which time she became the foundation on which the publication’s editorial content was based. Whether it was a feature assigned to her by me or story ideas she’d fostered on her own, Judy always completed the job with the utmost professionalism, including an impeccable commitment to accuracy and a continuous focus on detail, all shaped in wonderful prose that was a joy to read – and delivered on time.

Judy was also a regular Homes columnist, sharing news and information especially relevant to tenants. Her columns gained the respect of lawyers, landlords and renters with her fair and accurate opinions and advice.

There has been no other writer with whom I’ve worked over the past 35 years who can come close to Judy’s outstanding abilities as a professional journalist – and she's proven to be a wonderful person, as well.

~ Clare Dear, former London Free Press senior copy editor, currently a regular contributor to the National Post and national president of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC).