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Home Magazine, an advertising supplement of the London Free Press: The Harriston. Luxury living at the forks of the Thames.

The London Spring Home & Garden Show Guide: It’s a Wonderful Outdoor Life Landscape.

Lifestyle Magazine: Another Great Renovation From Duo Building. Website:



Kim Walker. A property manager who works to improve her tenants’ lives.

Standing Out From the Crowd. London landlords emphasize the positive to attract tenants.

Specialty publications. The Oke Woodsmith Design Collection: Inspired by Nature. A small lot is the starting point for a unique stone and cedar home.

Website: North Point Lofts — Seven Descriptions of Model Suites.


Real Estate Magazine: Advice for Long-Distance Landlords

Canadian Homes & Cottages: Solar Ready. A large-volume builder in Ontario is incorporating solar-ready rough-ins in all of the homes it builds.

Roof Gardening

Business Monday: Natural assets. A growing number of developers believe in preserving natural resources and finding ways to develop an area without destroying it.

Success Stories.

Success Story sample: From Unused Storage Space to Deluxe Living Area.

Lifestyle Story sample: Lakeview Port Stanley, A carefree lifestyle close to the water’s edge.