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About Judy

Judy Liebner - The Housing Writer

            Judy began writing about the housing scene shortly after graduating from the University of Western Ontario in 1991 with a Master’s degree in Journalism. Her range of expertise includes affordable housing, universal plan design, energy efficiency, insulated concrete form technology, innovations in subdivision design, new homes, condos, renovations, interior decorating, gardening, as well as property management and landlord-tenant issues.

            Whether she’s writing a hard-news story about the eviction process or a feature on a straw-bale home, her work is detailed, informative and enlightening. A consummate storyteller, she looks beyond the surface and delves into the lifestyle issues that motivate consumers to renovate or build a home.

            Judy’s work has appeared in Canadian Homes & Cottages, Real Estate Magazine, Lifestyle Magazine, The London Free Press, The Toronto Star, the Oke Woodsmith Design Collection, LPMA News and a variety of corporate publications.

            Based in London, Ontario, she is a 12-year member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada. She also actively volunteers with Animalert Pet Adoptions in her spare time.